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Jack’s memory now crystalised

Thursday, 4 June 2009


Former Belfast Telegraph sports writer Jack Magowan has been honoured with a new boxing trophy in his name.

The Jack Magowan trophy will be presented to the best senior boxer of the Co Antrim amateur boxing board, which has a membership of 40 clubs.

Jack's best friend and former vice president of the Irish Amateur Boxing Association Harry Doherty along with managing director of Belfast Crystal Tony Abatte were behind the beautiful crystal trophy, which has been handed over to the Co Antrim Board.

Jack was held in high regard throughout the amateur boxing community, giving due credit and criticism to boxers and officials alike throughout his long journalistic career and this trophy is a fine gesture.

“I thought this would be a good way for Jack's memory to live on in boxing and it is well deserved because he gave so much to the sport,” said Harry. “Tony Abatte very kindly backed me in this idea and it is fitting that the trophy will go to the best senior boxer as nominated annually by the Antrim Board.

“Jack covered countless amateur events together and his loss has personally been very great because we were such great friends. I remember one time when we went on holiday together in Barcelona and I was so tired that I sat down on the steps and placed a jacket across my lap and Jack tossed a couple of euro onto the coat and then five or six other people followed that up with even more!

“He was a great man in so many ways and it is right that he should never be forgotten for what he did for so many boxers and the sport as a whole.”


Tony Abatte managing director of Belfast Crystal along with Paddy Barnes senior, Treasurer of the Co Antrim Board, Harry Doherty former vice president ABA and Sean Canavan Child protection officer of ABA pictured with the Jack Magowan trophy


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