The Antrim Novice Boxing Championships begin on Monday 2nd February and officials are keen to ensure fair play for all competitors.

The officers of the County Antrim Board would appeal to clubs to play their part and advise their supporters that fair play and respect must be shown to all competitors in the competition.


This years competition for boys and girls born in 1997/6/5/4/3/2 seen an entry of 179 boxers, 13 of which are girls. There will be 94 bouts over the week with 34 competitors already claiming their titles by way of walkover.


Good luck to all our boxers...



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County Antrim Novice Championships 2009

St Kevin's Hall Belfast

Mon 2nd February 2009 at 7.30pm


# Weight Name Club Result Name Club
    Preliminary Round
1 B1 39kg Colm Crothers St Agnes 14-6 John O'Hare Townlands
2 B1 39kg Daniel Owens Clonard 3-1 Daniel Meek St Agnes
3 B1 39kg Aidan Walsh Holy family RSC2 Jacob Newell Abbey
4 B1 36kg Carl Griffith Holy Family RSC2 James Arbuthnot Sandy Row
5 B1 36kg James McNaughton Scorpion 12-3 Anthony McAvoy All Saints
6 B1 36kg Ciaran Nesbitt Gleann 4-5 Gerard French Clonard
7 B2 39kg Conor Costello Holy Family RSC2 Sean Stewart Ardoyne Holy Cross
8 B2 50kg Feargal McCaughey Holy Trinity WO Jordan Hart Abbey
23 B1 39kg Andrew Donnelly Townlands


Tiernan O'Connor Clonard
9 B1 29kg Liam Gault Oliver Plunkett 8-6 Pearce McAuley Ardoyne Holy Cross
10 B1 29kg Daniel Lyndsey St Agnes RSC3 Connor Hyland Immaculata
11 B1 33kg Stephen Irvine Sandy Row 8-3 Declan Cole Ardoyne Holy Cross
12 B1 33kg Declan Thompson Newington 4-2 Joseph McVeigh Oliver Punkett
13 B1 42kg John O'Neill Clonard RSC2 Tiernan McCann Ardoyne Holy Cross
14 B2 33kg Mark Moran Monkstown 5-2 Emmett Maginn Townlands
15 B2 36kg James McCluskey Newington RSC2 Piaras Casey Scorpion
16 B2 36kg Cathal Donnelly Emerald 1-3 Garrett Duggan Toome
17 B2 42kg Conal Corbett Ardoyne Holy Cross 2-7 Philip Hillerby Sandy Row
18 B2 42kg James Coogan Gleann 3-17 Michael McNercin Monkstown
19 B2 44kg Shane Hegarty Ardoyne Holy Cross 4-11 Carter Magee Monkstown
20 B2 48kg Cole Maginess Lisburn 6-2 Ryan Wallace Scorpion
21 B2 54kg Craig Kernahan Sandy Row RSC2 Marc McAlister Larne
22 B2 60kg Gerard McKenna Emerald RSC1 Brian O'Halloran Star




County Antrim Novice Championships 2009

St Kevin's Hall Belfast

Tue 3rd February 2009


# Weight Name Club Result Name Club
24 B1 39kg Dean Hughes All Saints 6-12 Nathan Gorman Ligoniel
25 B1 39kg Declan Murphy Emerald 3-16 Colm Crothers St Agnes
26 B1 39kg Daniel Owens Clonard RTD1 Aidan Walsh Holy Family
27 B1 36kg Sean Morris Oliver Plunkett RSC3 Carl Griffith Holy Family
29 B2 39kg Cormac Connolly Ardoyne Holy Cross RSC3 Conor Kearney Holy Family
30 B2 39kg Christopher Whyte Abbey 2-12 Conor Costello Holy Family
31 B2 50kg Caolan Lyttle Glengormley 12-11 Caoimhin Hynes Holy Trinity
32 B2 50kg Stephen McMullan Newington 3-10 Jordan Hart Abbey
33 B3 44kg Oliver Woodhouse Dockers RSC2 Connal McCafferty St John Bosco
64 G3 46kg Toni McKee Abbey 11-3 Kimberley Norton Glengormley
34 B3 46kg Conor Heywood Townlands RSC1 Jonathan Gault Lisburn
35 B3 48kg Caolan McDonald Kronk 12-3 Stephen Campbell Ardoyne Holy Cross
36 B3 54kg Daniel Monagan St Agnes 14-5 Joshua Close Lisburn
37 B3 63kg Tom Kearney Townlands RSC1 Martin McLarnon Saints
38 B4 60kg Niall Cunningham Glengormley RTD2 Sean Doran Emerald
39 B4 63kg Michael Donaghy Glengormley RSC3 Liam Mooney St Georges
40 B5 60kg Lewis Adair Cairn Lodge RSC2 Jamie Cunningham Holy Trinity
41 B5 66kg Ryan Willoughby Emerald RSC1 Ciaran Doran Sacred Heart
42 B6 60kg John Reid Gleann DIS1 Sean Doherty St John Bosco
43 B6 63kg Tyler Michael Braid 5-15 Peter Gibney Monkstown




County Antrim Novice Championships 2009

St Kevin's Hall Belfast

Wed 4th February 2009 - Finals


# Weight Name Club Result Name Club
44 B1 39kg Andrew Donnelly Townlands RSC2 Nathan Gorman Ligoniel
45 B1 39kg Colm Crothers St Agnes WO Aidan Walsh Holy Family
28 B1 36kg James McNaughton Scorpion 7-2 Gerard French Clonard
  B1 27kg Ciaran Moore Clonard WO    
46 B1 29kg Liam Gault Oliver Plunkett 5-13 Connor Hyland Immaculata
  B1 31kg Junior McKee Townlands WO    
47 B1 33kg Stephen Irvine Sandy Row 13-3 Declan Thompson Newington
49 B1 42kg Cory Toner Clonard 6-7 Tiernan McCann Ardoyne Holy Cross
  B1 44kg Lewis Crocker Eastside WO    
  B1 46kg Jordan McAllister Immaculata WO    
  B1 48kg Joshua Millar Lisburn WO    
  B1 52kg Martin Stokes All Saints WO    
  B1*60kg James Lavery Lisburn WO    
  B2 31kg David Marshall Lisburn WO    
  G2 33kg Kristina O'Hara Emerald WO    
50 B2 33kg Curtis Greer Braid 1-2 Mark Moran Monkstown
51 B2 36kg Piaras Casey Scorpion WO Garrett Duggan Toome
52 B2 39kg Conor Kearney Holy Family WO Conor Costello Holy Family
53 B2 42kg  Philip Hillerby Sandy Row 6-5 Michael McNercin Monkstown
54 B2 44kg  Stephen Doone Townlands 5-13 Carter Magee Monkstown
55 B2 46kg Brian Burns Townland RET1 Ross Wilson Sandy Row
  G2 48kg Chloe Kennedy Toome WO    
56 B2 48kg Richard Letang Dockers 4-7 Cole Maginess Lisburn
57 B2 50kg Caolan Lyttle Glengormley RET3 Jordan Hart Abbey
  B2 52kg Niall Lynch Clonard WO    
58 B2 54kg Jaunius Veryga Lisburn RSC1 Marc McAlister Larne
  B2 57kg Tony Campbell Holy Trinity WO    
59 B2 60kg Sean Campbell Holy Trinity WO Brian O'Halloran Star
60 B2 66kg Aaron Mateer Giles Cairn Lodge RSC1 John Stokes All Saints
  B3 31kg Ryan Jones Scorpion WO    
  B3 36kg Kieran Hamill Townlands WO    
61 B3 39kg Cathal O'Neill Clonard RSC2 Aodhan Kavanagh St Agnes
  G3 42kg Shelly Denny Emerald WO    
62 B3 42kg Graham Reed Braid 14-13 Aaron Toner Clonard
  G3 44kg Chloe Kerry Abbey WO    
63 B3 44kg Reece McCullough Cairn Lodge 4-9 Connal McCafferty St John Bosco
65 B3 46kg Paul Casey Toome RET Conor Heywood Townlands
66 B3 48kg James Young Toome 6-9 Caolan McDonald Kronk
67 B3 50kg Dylan Hanna Scorpion 6-8 Charles Curley St Agnes
68 B3 52kg Aindas Ruduinas Lisburn WO Ryan Kelly Holy Trinity
90 B6 52kg Cormac Quinn St Johns   Michael Sloan Cairn Lodge




County Antrim Novice Championships 2009

St Kevin's Hall Belfast

Thu 5th February 2009 - Finals - 7.30pm


# Weight Name Club Result Name Club
48 B1 36kg Carl Griffith Holy Family 3-9 James McNaughton Scorpion
69 B1 39kg Andrew Donnelly Townlands RSC1 Aidan Walsh Holy Family
70 B3 54kg Hugh Grieve Ardoyne Holy Cross WO Daniel Monagan St Agnes
  B3 57kg Christine Gargan St Georges WO    
71 B3 57kg Shane Larkin Sacred Heart 10-2 Stephen Fitzsimmons Saints
72 B3 60kg John Stokes Holy Trinity RET1 Trevor Reid Albert Foundry
73 B3 63kg Thomas Hadden Toome RET1 Tom Kearney Townlands
  B3*70kg Charlie Doherty Holy Trinity WO    
74 B3*75kg Carl Higgins Holy Trinity 21-18 Michael McCormick Toome
  B4 36kg Declan Maginn Townlands WO    
  B4 39kg Martin Fitzpatrick St John Bosco WO    
  B4 48kg Aidas Veryga Lisburn WO    
  G4 50kg Aoife Cassidy Emerald WO    
75 B4 50kg Ryan Hamilton Glengormley



Niall Gilmore


76 B4 52kg Ross Frazer Lisburn


Gearod McAuley


  G4 54kg Stacey McCullough Cairn Lodge WO    
  B4 54kg Rhys Mellon Larne WO    
  G4 57kg Leontia Teague Glengormley WO    
77 B4 57kg Stephen Larkin Holy Family 11-3 Caolan Tomlinson Glengormley
78 B4 60kg Stephen Ward Holy Trinity RSC1 Sean Doran Emerald
79 B4 63kg David Carr Belfast Kronk RSC1 Liam Mooney St Georges
80 B4 66kg Brian Kelly Glengormley RET1 Ciaran Stewart Holy Trinity
  G4*70kg Rebecca Smyth Glengormley WO    
  B4*70kg Caolan Doherty Holy Trinity WO    
81 B4**72kg Pearce Knocker Glengormley RET1 Caolan Doherty Holy Trinity
  B4*75kg Pearce Knocker Glengormley WO    
82 B5 42kg Ben Lyttle Eastside 20-11 Brian Daye Holy Trinity
83 B5 46kg Nathan Mawhinney Albert Foundry RSC1 Ryan Greer Monkstown
  B5 50kg Aivaras Veryga Lisburn WO    
84 B5 52kg Sean Brazier Townland RSC2 Declan J McGreevy Emerald
85 B5 54kg Eoghan McGlynn Lisburn 4-5 Richard Hanna Lisburn
86 B5 57kg Conor Toner Ligoniel RSC1 Michael Claxton Holy Trinity
87 B5 60kg Paul Eagleson Lisburn 7-12 Lewis Adair Cairn Lodge
88 B5 63kg Stuart Kirk Abbey   Mark Flynn Dockers
89 B5 66kg Aaron Hillman Townland RSC1 Ryan Willoughby Emerald
  B5 70kg Zarak Bartley Larne WO    
  B5 86kg Donard McNally Emerald WO    
  G6 52kg Sarah Jane McLaughlin Ligoniel WO    
91 B6 54kg Ciaran McVarnock Sacred Heart 4-3 Christopher Smith Lisburn
  B6 57kg Christopher Kelly St Georges WO    
92 B6 60kg Sean Linberg Clonard KO1 John Reid Gleann
93 B6 63kg Jude Savage Emerald WO Peter Gibney Monkstown
  B6 66kg Stephen Bustard Monkstown WO    
  G6 70kg Sara McCorran Abbey WO    
  B6 70kg Declan McDonagh All Saints WO    
94 B6 75kg Caoimhim Corr St Georges RSC1 Sean Devine Holy Trinity
  B6 80kg Christopher McComb Monkstown WO    


notification and entry conditions


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