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      Aaron McKeith Irish Champion 2011

      Senior Novice 60kg Lightweight Champion

      Centenary Year 2011 All Ireland Champion



National Novice Championships Saturday 22nd January @ 7pm Semi Finals/ Finals

National Novice Championships 2011

Saturday 22nd January @ 7pm


Red Corner                                                                            Blue Corner

104. 54kg Dylan McDonagh (Westside)    Beat   Chris Smith (Canal) 4-0

105. 57kg John Hale (Star)          Beat     Stephen McGaley (Rush) RSC 2

106. 60kg Darragh Hall (Clonard)    Lost to   Aaron McKeith (Glengormley) 1-4


107. 64kg Tim Lehane (Rylane)    Beat    Ryan Nolan (Bray) 1-1 c/b 3-2

108. 67kg Daniel Tobin (Corpus Christi)    Lost to   Conal Hall (Clonard) 2-6




National Novice Championships Friday 21st January 2011 @ 6.30pm Quarter Finals/ Semi Finals

National Novice Championships 2011

Friday 21st January 2011 @ 6.30pm

Quarter Finals/ Semi Finals

Red Corner                                                                            Blue Corner

Semi Finals

 85. 60kg Niall Barrett (St Davids Naas)   Lost to    Darragh Hall (Clonard) 1-5

86. 60kg Aaron McKeith (Glengormley)    Beat    Dean Gilsenan (Maynooth) 3-0


National Novice Championships 2011 Saturday 15th January @ 7pm

National Novice Championships 2011

Saturday 15th January @ 7pm

Quarter Finals

Red Corner                                                                            Blue Corner

59. 60kg Darren McGuigan (Springhill)  Lost to  Niall Barrett (St Davids Naas) 0-4

60. 60kg Darragh Hall (Clonard)  Beat  Jason Scully (Portlaoise) 3-2

61. 60kg Aaron McKeith (Glengormley)   Beat  Jordan Lynch (Blessington) 2-0


National Novice Championships 2011 Saturday 15th January @ 3pm

National Novice Championships 2011

Saturday 15th January @ 3pm

Red Corner                                                                            Blue Corner

Quarter Finals 

50. 67kg John Faney (Ballinacarrow)   Lost to  Daniel Tobin (Corpus Christi) RSC 2

51. 67kg Jamie Lawrie (Glengormley)  Lost to  John Ridge (Mike Flaherty) 3-3 c/b 5-6

52. 67kg Terry McLoughlin (Dunboyne)  Beat  Mark McParland (Clonard) 7-4

53. 67kg Stephen Fay (Cavan)  Lost to   Conal Hall (Clonard) 3-8


National Novice Championships Friday 14th January @ 7pm

National Novice Championships 2011

Friday 14th January @ 7pm

Red Corner                                                    Blue Corner

5.   67kg Harry Phelan (Sacred Heart)  Lost to  Jamie Lawrie (Glengormley)  0-7 

6.   67kg Daniel Cleary (Killmallock)   Lost to  John A Ridge (Mike Flaherty) 0-6

7.   67kg Terry McLoughlin (Dunboyne)   Beat  Martin Carr (Angles) 2-1

8.   67kg Mark McParland (Clonard)     Beat    Connor McGannon (Ballinacarrow) 7-1

9.   67kg Stephen Fay (Cavan)  Beat  Gerard Byrne (Corinthians) 2-1

10. 67kg Conal Hall (St Agnes)   Beat   Peter Fabian (Drimangh) 4-0


Glengormley Hit the Big Time Again

Aaron McKeith became the latest Irish Champion for Glengormley ABC, ending a drought of some twenty years, when he lifted the All Ireland 60kg Lightweight Senior Novice Crown at the National Stadium in Dublin last Saturday night, 22nd January.

The 24 year old ex BRA student and business graduate from UUJ had a cautious start to his campaign with a 2-0 win over Jordan Lynch of Blessington ABC the weekend before. The pressure was on as he had just watched his club mate Jamie Lawrie go out of the competition earlier that day by the cruellest of decisions with a 3-3 score and then the wrong side of a 5-6 countback. Jamie was in action the night before winning an absorbing toe to toe contest and may just have taken too much from the tank… Disappointment for Jamie as he knows he should have done better against the southpaw from the Mike Flaherty club but jubilation for Aaron as he was into the semi-finals the following weekend.

Ably assisted by ex Hillview cornerman Paul Kelly, Aaron locked horns with Dean Gilsenan of Maynooth with a place in the finals at stake. 3-0 was the score and West Belfast’s Clonard boxer Darragh Hall awaited Aaron in the final. Both boxers had sparred previously with the Clonard man claiming the bragging rights but Arron was to have the last laugh. Another emphatic display of tight defence with solid counters and hooks claimed the Clonard man’s scalp and Aaron has still to touch down…

Well done to Aaron McKeith Irish Champion and strategist Paul Kelly assisted by Ryan Justin. See next week’s report for the latest Antrim and Ulster Champions to emerge from the Club under the expert guidance of head coach Paul Norton.

The last Irish Champion at Glengormley may have been Patrick McCrory Jnr now living in France or was it Michael O’Kane who went on to claim an Ulster Elite title? Possibly before that was it Jeff Speers ex Linfield captain or even Danny McGrinder who of course claimed 6 Ulster titles in a row but that’s too far back in time - a job for Liam Murphy no doubt…



Malachy Scott


Glengormley ABC



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